Innovative AdTech offers big opportunities for advertisers

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The AdTech sector is an exciting area in marketing right now, with major shifts occurring that offer advertisers with vision clear opportunities to deploy better ads. New players make this possible more cheaply and efficiently, whilst also giving more control of the whole process.

As a bunch of old people (see pic above) we're always talking to our network of brand, retail and media contacts and we can definitely say

  1. There's a strong demand for better tech solutions for digital ads
  2. There is a rapidly growing propensity to in-house more of the AdTech area, particularly in brands/retail
  3. Every month new AdTech players are coming to market - often with highly disruptive solutions that make a significant commercial impact on time and ROI.

Customers are driving AdTech changes in larger companies

Advertisers are changing their views on what makes the best ad programmes - whilst great creative will always make or break a campaign - increasingly clever tech delivering more engaging experiences, using that creative, is making online advertising more effective and profitable.

With every channel experiencing considerable dilution in terms of share of taking a disproportionate portion of customer attention, finding relevant, automated channels is now a top priority for marketers wanting to engage more effectively with consumers.

A couple of examples of this deal with issues in current AdTech by looking at things from a different perspective.

Problem - Video ads take too long to load and are more expensive

Solution - Seenthis - a smart Swedish startup - have developed new tech that allows videos to stream - hugely increasing viewability and CTR. No more 2MB pre-loads and, crucially, it runs in standard banner formats meaning you save a large chunk of budget by not having having to purchase video banners.

Problem - Your mobile ads are poor imitations of your desktop ads and your agency doesn't know how to make good ones cost effectively.

Solution - Mobile Ad Creative as a Service. A UK AdTech innovator Adludio allows you to get some of the best mobile ad creative possible - but with a twist. They make "sensory mobile ads" using all of the swipes, taps, tilts, 3D tilts, scrubs and everything else that your phone and tablet can do, into really engaging ad units that bust the usual CTR rates. Not content with that, you can in-house it, brief them online (and chat to the team) and get mind boggling great creative live in a week. It's a pretty disruptive model and they already have some top drawer clients.

Behind the ads, of course, there has to be market insight and another UK innovator, Fifty, are making sense of social by illustrating the true mindsets of your social targets. They do this by making in tremendously easy to see what your potential customers are interested by tracking, at scale, all of their interests based on their social activity. This can help with creative ideas (e.g. You didn't know that 70% of your customers follow the National Trust? Can heritage be a theme? 25% like Doctor Who... what can we do around that?) It's pulled together into really easy to understand on screen graphical outputs that are actually really immersive. Another good example is Qriously - billed as the fastest, most accurate research you can get - are currently changing marketers perceptions about what is possible in consumer market research. Accessing almost 1.5bn consumers through their installed apps, Facebook, Instagram etc. they can deliver truly representative surveys, pretty much anywhere in the world, in a matter of hours or days. They've tested themselves by predicting elections - and almost invariably knocking spots off traditional pollsters in all cases, including Trump and Brexit and some fairly complex European votes. It's also less expensive that the companies most brands have used for years.

For marketers, this means they need to keep up with new AdTech technology to stay competitive. And because today’s consumers expect increasingly engaging experiences online, AdTech is moving away from the standard approaches. Instead, innovations in AdTech are helping marketers provide personalized, relevant experiences for customers on the social channel of their choice. Increasingly, the options are there for marketers to take much more control of these crucial elements, which helps bring more understanding and better decision making into their businesses.

Here at greyhairworks!, we love all this stuff! Do let us know if you want the inside track on what's next.