Building a fast track to innovation

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“The moment the pace of change outside the company is higher than inside, you start to lose.”

Javier Meza, Global CMO of sparkling beverages at The Coca-Cola Company, is spot on. More than ever, innovation is the lifeblood of businesses and brands. Companies need to be bold, smart and original in terms of what they make, where they sell, and how they communicate.

But successful innovation is difficult. You can’t just throw darts blindfold and hope for the best. And it’s tough to do it all by yourself.

greyhairworks is here to help. We’re a team of business professionals who’ve done the hard yards and lived through the same challenges you’re currently facing. We know where the market is going; we have the experience to separate meaningful innovation from things that are merely bright and shiny; and we’re passionate about telling it how it is.

We work in a no-nonsense way to give you what you need:

  1. We accelerate the search and save you time. The world is not short of new technologies; but you need to sift a lot of mud to find the gold. We do the legwork for you, and put you in full control of which providers you want to engage with when.
  2. We connect the solution to your challenge. We understand your business goals. Rather than simply chucking stuff at the wall and hoping something sticks, we only share solutions that will deliver the outcomes you need.
  3. We help you manage the process. We know that businesses and technology providers often speak different languages. Because we’re bi-lingual, greyhairworks can help with negotiation, on-boarding, managing initial test & learn projects and making the transition to business as usual.

The solutions providers in our fully curated portfolio have all earned their spurs. They’re true “scale ups”: they bring robust technology; they’re easy to integrate; and they’ve already delivered at scale for blue-chip retailers and FMCG brands.

The portfolio is organised into three ICE clusters, reflecting the essential ingredients for successful innovation:


The ability to spot emerging trends early and accurately, and translate them into powerful new value propositions.

Take Qriously. By inserting questionnaires into smartphone users’ existing apps, it can reach 3 billion consumers in over 100 countries and get you the insights you need within hours.


The operating systems, tools and relationships to turn these propositions into market offerings quickly and cost-effectively.

Netwave’s proprietary AI engine ensures every visitor to a site is shown the products and content most likely to promote action. It has never been beaten in an A/B test. With our help, it’s now working with one of the UK’s leading supermarkets and one of the world’s largest ad networks.


The means to maximise awareness, interest and action within limited timeframes and budgets, and to benchmark the impact created.

This cluster includes Vibes, which uses the latest mobile advertising techniques to boost in-store revenues for the world’s largest retailers. It leads in the emerging field of mobile wallet marketing.

We’ll be expanding on each of these ICE clusters in posts over the coming weeks.

If businesses today aren’t quick, they’re soon likely to be dead or dying. That’s why greyhairworks specialises in building a fast track to innovation, connecting companies with the most relevant solutions, de-risking the process, and minimising the headaches and hassle.