Jesper Wiegandt and learnings from P&G

I learnt many things during my 22 years at Procter & Gamble; but probably the most important was just how vital innovation is in driving brands and categories forward.

The rate of change is increasing day by day, so we all need to find ways to innovate faster and more accurately. Whatever internal resources you throw at it, this is a hard nut for companies to crack. There’s a sea of options out there, and a lot more smoke than fire. You need specialist help to separate the wheat from the chaff.

That’s why greyhairworks exists. We’ve got our fingers firmly on the market’s pulse, and have the know-how to identify the right solutions to fix your core business challenges. We’re also pretty straight talkers: think of us as a no-nonsense filter that can help you achieve better outcomes quicker.

We’ve assembled a portfolio of best-of-breed technology providers that have already delivered outstanding results for leading retailers and FMCG brands. They’re organised into three clusters: Insight, Capability and Engagement (or ICE for short). Each of these is essential to successful innovation; but for me, the starting point is Insight.

As Forrester points out, the most effective businesses today adapt in real-time (or near to it). They identify emerging trends and shifting customer needs early, and adjust their brand behaviour immediately. They’re also constantly in beta, using A/B testing to optimise everything they do. This isn’t about luck; it’s about having the right tools and using them to unlock insights at the speed of social.

At greyhairworks, we know that:

80% of the world’s data exists as unstructured text. This is often where you can find the most important insights, but most Big Data companies can’t analyse it effectively. By using AI and advanced linguistics, Wordnerds mines online reviews and social media to reveal what people really think about your products and services.

Consumers are bombarded with 10,000 commercial messages a day. To win, brands and retailers need to grab attention in the first few fractions of a second. Dragonfly mimics universal brain processes to predict what the human eye will see first, letting you optimise content before it goes live.

Traditional research techniques are too slow for today’s world. By inserting questionnaires into smartphone users’ existing apps, Qriously gives you cost-effective access to 3 billion potential respondents in over 100 countries; meaning you can complete thousands of interviews within hours.

Significant business improvement demands relevant innovation, but too many companies persist in doing things the old way. It’s understandable: time is the greatest enemy we all face.

To shift the odds in your favour, you need partners you can trust to bring you only those solutions that will make a real difference. greyhairworks uses its experience and connections to do precisely that. Why not put us to the test by asking how we can help you build a more powerful insights engine?