greyhairworks…b*ggering up our positioning

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Photo by Troy T on Unsplash

Fresh from a number of major wins for our Partners (from Mars to Morrisons and CarGurus to NBCUniversal), a growing network of Associates and some fab new Solutions Partners, greyhairworks is delighted to welcome their first ‘youngster’ on board as MD for the UK –  Ben Cheston.

“Despite his tender years, and lack of grey hair, Ben is a perfect fit for our growing team as he contributes an enviable mixture of strategic, technical and organisational experience. He has helped successfully launch start-ups, grow a range of digital businesses and worked with leading brands to leverage innovative tech solutions. We also relish the fact that his relative youth will help us out in our advancing years,” said Alex Meisl. “greyhairworks has crafted a unique proposition that is innovative yet extremely effective (and dare I say it, fun!). The team has worked at some of the world’s largest brands, game-changing accelerators and pioneering agencies, we’ve been there, seen how to do it and most importantly, how not to do it! It allows us to share our experience in helping others get it right”

Ben enthused, “ I’m excited to build on the success of the greyhairworks team, working with innovative scale-ups that leverage emerging tech, and the progressive corporates benefiting from our strategic partnerships, programmes and solutions. There is a significant opportunity for brands & corporate innovators to work with “scale-ups” to solve fundamental business challenges. From branding & marketing to ethics & sustainability, innovation is central to making positive change and growth. However, this can take time, and needs the appropriate experience and skillsets to make it work.”

greyhairworks is a team of senior industry individuals (P&G, Red Bull, Agencies, Collider etc). We find and curate solutions to create a portfolio of best-in-class “scale-ups” to solve pressing internal and external marketing challenges, by using our experience to cut through the crap.  Oh, and Ben actually looks like this….(in b&w)