Where are you with Revised Reality ? – (don’t be the rabbit)

Well it’s looking like a bit of a shitstorm out there.

Chaos brings change, change brings opportunity … bring it on !

Opportunity to reinvent yourself. Opportunity to change processes and business models. Opportunity to shape the new normal rather than sit scared. Opportunity is being driven by necessity. There is no choice: change, innovate, break taboos or be a rabbit.

We are seeing two diametrically opposed behaviours being adopted – those who are panicking and battening down the hatches (rabbit in the headlights) and those who are ready to reconsider and question everything about their business, their market and their customers.

Before the Revised Reality, a depressingly large group of companies adopted a frankly moribund  approach to Innovation which (let’s be honest) was as much to be able to include a paragraph in their annual report boasting of a cool  office in Hoxton supporting the hottest new start-ups with inflatable beer, Virtual Reality scooters and ubiquitous bearded sockless 20-somethings with trousers just that little bit too short. They didn’t really embrace Innovation, they just paid lip service.

Those reacting to the Revised Reality are showing courage and a willingness to question everything, and embrace a very different future. To break things. To steamroller. To JFDI.

Rather than just preparing for the “new normal”, let’s think a little harder about the ‘next normal’ and how we embrace it … this requires a mindset that desires change, embraces different solutions to mitigate risk and a determination to re-define the strengths and potential weaknesses they need to exploit the undoubted stack of new opportunities.

This was brought back to us by our chums at one of our portfolio companies ATOBI who this week delivered and launched an employee engagement and motivation solution for Camper in ‘Revised Reality’ days rather than the months that it would normally take a retailer to implement. Camper can now embrace, capture and channel  the energy, engagement, and positive attitude everyone is displaying since the launch of the app.

There are so many other examples of this, from Pubs launching ready meals for home deliveries to Morrisons launching a foodbox solution within 2 weeks of the initial idea, to Microsoft seeing two years’ worth of digital transformation in just two months according to CEO Satya Nadella

And your actions can make a difference – on his own, Captain (now Colonel) Tom raised nearly 50% of the amount raised by the BBC for The Big Night In because he captured people’s imagination….

We are greyhairworks – old lags who have held C-level roles with brands, digital companies, retailers and agencies. All 48 ½ of us have been successful and have the wounds to show for it. Most importantly though, our success comes from embracing innovation – and when we say that – it’s not the Hoxton dweller’s bullshit world, but the pragmatic here and now where we are helping our partners get ahead.

We cut through the crap and find gems from over 100,000 digital solutions doing the rounds, curating proven solutions (from nimble vendors) to help you make a difference and deliver results

With a bias to action and an aversion to bullshit, we assess your challenges, understand your outcomes, identify opportunities and then work with you to implement them. With you. In your language.