Introducing Innovative Solutions, Be Concise

| Disruption, Innovation

Between our grey-haired Associates, progressive Corporate clients, innovation specialists and innovative solution partners (collectively our ahem, grey-haired experience), we’ve learnt how important it is to shape solution introductions & presentations so that the Corporate audience can quickly understand:

  • What the solution does
  • How relevant it is
  • When (if) they need it
  • What they get

Done well, you shouldn’t need to be any longer than 3 minutes to make someone excited about using your solution or to respect it but move on. (a quick No is the next best thing to a Yes).

Here’s some grey tips on how to make innovative solution intros more effective and efficient:

Start with the key problem your audience has or experiences (that you solve). Articulate it in a way that enables the audience to think “Crumbs, that is a pain I have / that’s the problem keeping me awake at night’’. You can provide more context (and depth) by highlighting the change/trend/state that makes that problem more challenging than ever. 

Introduce the outcomes and benefits your target audience gets, when using your solution. You want to communicate this so that they feel the art of the possible – ‘I didn’t realise that this could be easier, quicker, better, cheaper’

Be specific about what your solution does and how it works, use familiar language and avoid being abstract. We want the audience to clearly understand the practical application of your solution

Highlight how your solution is an improvement and specifically different to the current way of doing things. This gives people the chance to identify / acknowledge the current status and where they are, and therefore understand the benefits of using your solution. 

Case studies and use-cases relevant for your audience will give confidence that you understand their world, and can help. Where possible, include improvement stats that justify the investment.   

Be prepared to answer difficult questions. There’s nothing worse than not having an answer, or a good response. And the cheat with this is, if you prepare well, there are rarely any difficult questions.

Lastly, learning about the Corporate’s needs, requirements, considerations, processes, context, strategy and status is more important than explaining the features or roadmap of your solution… you should listen more, so that when you do talk, it’s as useful and relevant as possible. They might be your top-priority, but you won’t be theirs, at least initially.

With an absence of traditional digital marketing events and vendor noise levels ‘cranked up to 11’ online, it’s EVEN harder to identify the most relevant solutions which deliver results. We all have less time and limited attention… cutting through the shit and learning what will work quickly is more important than ever. Wouldn’t it be great if you could tap into a network of people who’ve been around the block and know innovative solutions that actually deliver results? 😉