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Last year, brands found that innovating to get results was no longer a nice to have, it was more essential than ever. They are assessing their challenges more quickly, prioritising more clearly, embracing innovative solutions… and are increasingly interested in a ‘no bullshit’ approach to working with innovative solutions and services. This has meant more projects with corporates, more innovative portfolio solution partners and new grey haired Associates in the network.

To support the growth of the business, we’re super excited that Nick Taylor has joined us as Operations Director and Insights Lead. With a background in marketing & advertising technology, and more recently, insights & market research, he has experience helping clients deliver groundbreaking, global projects driven by the latest technologies.

MD of greyhairworks Ben Cheston, read from a script “Nick brings a level of operational and executional excellence to greyhairworks, helping some of the largest corporates in the world leverage innovative solutions. Bolstering our management team, he enables us to build out the business with an operational focus, and add a layer of smarts in the insights and marketing tech space, blah, blah, blah… the real reason is that I needed someone reliable to help me round up Alex and Andy, keep them on their toes, and out of armchairs for as long as possible”

Alex, co-founder, added “When I was Nick’s age, ‘Back to the Future’ hadn’t been invented, so it is great to add another vigorous yet experienced (relative) youth to our growing team.”