At Work

We Open Doors

We use our address books to unearth opportunities for you.

greyhairworks has become a key part of our sales team.  They have an unparalleled ability to secure meetings with highly relevant and influential people in the Retail segment and then do a fantastic job in articulating our value proposition in a way that is very compelling for those customers. 

We Close Deals

We use our experience to close deals - not just talk about them. 

greyhairworks has facilitated a number of senior global introductions into leading brand owners and service partners. As a direct result, we've secured a long term, game changing global contract which is high yielding and massively scalable within the fmcg sector 

We Fix Stuff

When things need a nudge, use us. We've been there before.

greyhairworks has been hugely beneficial to our start-up in approaching the UK e-commerce market. Alex and his team have accelerated our penetration, opening doors , setting meetings and managing the follow-ups. Alex is not only professional, and agile - he is fun to work with. 

We Get Shit Done

When it just has to be done!

I’m writing to express our delight with your planning, organization, and leadership of the seminar.  Without your deep rolodex of retail and media contacts, without your intuition on the agenda and the marketing, it would have been a flop.  As it was, we were oversubscribed 

We Find Things

OK, our eyesight might not be as good as it was, but we can find people, things and opportunities at the drop of a hat.

greyhairworks did a superb job. They brought to the table their own exceptional expertise in the mobile space and secured the participation of other industry experts.