I need some dosh

Gimme Some Dosh


At greyhairworks we know how important it is for technology scale-ups to be best prepared to do business with big corporate businesses.  Similarly, they need to be best prepared to raise funding for growth is an area where we can also help.

greyV helps you with the fundraising process; whether it’s investment readiness, getting introductions or structuring your round in the most effective way.

Grey Hair Works G Starburst

“Why you lot?”

...we hear you cry! We’ve been there and done it before. A lot. Angels, VC’s, big City institutions have all backed us. We’ve even trained so many high growth companies how to do it too we’ve lost count.


Going Deep

We will spend time getting to know your company situation (as well as where you sit in your market) and where you are on your journey. We’ll figure out how best to help.


Dressing the part

Doing great preparation work is essential, it will help speed up the process and make it more likely deals will be done.

Please meet

When we know all we need and you’re ready to “walk the walk”, we’ll spread the word to our network. When they want to talk, you’ll be the first to know.

Just listen please

From Due Diligence on your investors to structuring the round to maximise growth and equity retention. We bring our expertise to support this process.