I’m a corporate needing results

I'm A Corporate

No time? Fed-up with being bombarded by vendors who are incapable of listening to your challenges and insist on talking you through their dull buzzword-laden pitches? Struggle to see what’s crap and what deserves a second look?

We help corporates embrace innovation and deliver results. Want to know what a major retailer told us:

You didn’t come with a walled garden of businesses that you’re really just promoting. Instead, you came with a no bullshit approach. You listened more, you challenged more proactively and more robustly. You’ve built really, really great momentum with colleagues within the organisation, your ability to take all of that jargon and spell it out in really simple terms was super helpful.


Who the hell are we?

We’re a team of board-level digital brand and retail executives. We’ve trawled the world to curate a portfolio of best-in-breed, digital solutions from scale-ups. Fit for purpose, no dicking you around, delivering significant and immediate upsides. All wrapped in our bullshit-free approach.

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Introducing Grace & Co

If this is not enough, we have a team of over 75 seasoned professionals who have been in the same boat as you. They deliver pithy and instant help to solve your recurring headaches. Their raison d’être? Make themselves redundant as quickly as the knowledge transfer has taken place.

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Innovative Solutions

Curated Solutions from our portfolio that meet your pressing needs. Discover solutions to problems you were unable to articulate. All selected by senior industry veterans from our network

Innovation Partners

Share your challenges and objectives. We’ll dish out services and programmes to deliver more effective innovation. It’s not about PR, it’s about making a difference to build your business.

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