Collectively we’ve brought together 1000s of Corporates and scale-ups to drive innovation and growth. Corporates trust and confide in us. We know exactly what they want to see and what they don’t, so we’ll tell you - concisely and bullshit-free, to help you grow.

Ka Boom

Holding hands

Your proposition is shared with leading experts - many who’ve been around since the Ark. You’ll receive candid feedback and ongoing guidance. We are the board you can’t afford, helping you make decisions that drive results.



We then ensure your proposition achieves cut-through and you can trust us to ensure that the opportunities we bring you convert.


If selected by us, you’ll be exposed weekly to some of the largest corporations in the world. Most solutions generate 5+ deals per year through us, gaining access to executives at a level that’s normally impossible.


We even have an investment readiness service greyV to help you raise your next round and knock off your investors’ socks.

Get Some Dosh

Our portfolio includes fabulous solutions like:

Finding it tough to get in front of decision makers? Got some cool tech which solves a genuine problem and delivers a quantifiable benefit. Got proper paying clients. Not a dick? Get in touch. If you can impress us, we might add you to our portfolio.